What is Qured Corporate?


Qured is the on demand solution to all your workforce’s health and wellbeing requirements. One tap and one of our expert healthcare professionals will come straight to your office within two hours. It really is that easy.

What We Offer

Qured offers services such as:

  • Workplace flu vaccinations
  • Medical consultations
  • Blood tests
  • Mental health services
  • Sports massages
  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy

At Qured, we know how important it is to have a healthy workplace. In a digital age, Qured provides a human solution for every aspect of your employee’s wellbeing that boosts the health, productivity and happiness of your workforce.


  • On demand appointments – Your employee can see a practitioner at your office, within 2 hours upon booking.
  • Flexibility – Employees also have the option of booking in advance, working around their schedule so that they can see a practitioner at any time that fits.
  • Convenience – Our practitioners come straight to your office for the consultation, so that your employees don't have to spend any extra time securing, travelling or sitting in a waiting room.
  • Efficiency – Our goal is to reduce employee sickness. Qured is the on demand solution that will keep your company fully functional and at maximum efficiency.

How it works



Choose from the Qured app’s selection of health services.


Order a doctor, physio or osteopath to the office within 2 hours.


Receive treatment accurately, expertly, and without the wait.


About Qured Corporate

Co-founders Alex and Charlie had both been working in the finance industry for ten years and had seen all the problems associated with illness in a high pressure workplace. As well as sickness absenteeism, people came in regularly when clearly unwell. With long waiting times for appointments at local surgeries, their colleagues weren’t able to access appropriate care. Productivity could really drop off despite big HR spends on expensive initiatives like Private Medical Insurance (PMI).

From their market research, they worked out that getting the acute issues that employees faced on a day-to-day basis seen to quickly was the key. That’s why they founded Qured: to revolutionise the provision of healthcare in the workplace. One tap and a doctor, physiotherapist or psychologist comes straight to the office to provide the most convenient solution for your employees.

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